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It is played once a year and is the biggest lottery because it is so rare. The Spanish El Gordo draw takes place every 22nd December. Players always expect a large number of winners and this year was no exception. The lucky jackpot winners numbered 1,650 – each winning around €400,000 each. The winning number was 66513. Organisers were particularly pleased for the most recent draw. It was bigger than the 2015 draw, sales were up 3.5%. They are planninny lottery powerball resultsg early for 2017, hoping to build on the success of the most recent draw. However, you will not now be able to buy tickets until July.

strange! The little Indian yellow dog starts to go around the temple for 6 hours every morning at 4 o'clock in the morning. An unexplainable phenomenon recently occurred in a temple in India. A small yellow dog will appear in front of the temple at the same time every day, circle the temple, and no matter what obstacles it encounters, it will not diminish its determination. The few residents were dumbfounded, and even the people from other places came to find out. According to foreign media reports, a small yellow dog in Karnataka, India has been acting strangely recently. It will appear in front of Mahalakshmi temple at about 4 am every day, and then start to walk around the building until about 10 in the morning. Will stop and leave, and return to the nearby kennel. Local residents said that the peculiar behavior of the little yellow dog has lasted for one to two weeks, sometimes even detouring into the evening. In response, the temple's master said that the little yellow dog would go around in front of the temple because he tried to get rid of the spell cast by the devil. However, this peculiar phenomenon also made the local residents quite curious. During the period, they even tried to interfere with the little yellow dog's behavior, such as blocking its way, without reducing its determination. Therefore, many people from other places came to find out, even Cause local traffic congestion. The report finally mentioned that when a TV station went to film a few days ago, the little yellow dog stopped its detour and did not continue to detour until the staff left.

7. These numbers are: 2-16-21-32-43. Hewon has 750,000 groups, but taxes and insurance must be paid first. The check for $4,880 was personally made

States like Maharashtra, Kerala, Punjab, Karnataka, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu and Madhya Pradesh are showing a steep rise in the daily new COVID-19 cases and have accounted for 87.73 per cent of the new instances of the disease reported in a day, the Union Health Ministry said on Sunday.

Mental health and environment are not natural allies. Of course, we must all – governments, organisations and individuals alike – play a part. However, we rarely expect charities dedicated to helping those with mental illness to lead the way. But that is happening right now in Holywell. KIM Inspire is a mental health charity that recently received a £10,000 grant to upgrade their facilities. This is a mental health environmental project for the 21st century. It encourages green practices among everyone who uses the service. Small enterprises can, and are, leading the way for the rest of us.

4 pm. It is recommended that the winner check the winning number within 30 days and announce the result in the Kerala Government Gazetny lottery powerball resultste.

Ananthu bought his lottery ticket TB173964 from an agent in September and was amazed when he won the jackpot prize. The draw took place on Sunday 21st September.